About Us

Building Men for Life is devoted to serving the men in West Michigan who are struggling with substance use.

We take a peer-led, evidence-based approach to serving our residents.

We believe that those in recovery make the best leaders and support systems for others entering recovery, and have partnered with as many peer resources as possible, among other clinical resources.

Our goal is to provide a safe, clean, and healthy environment free of the influences of alcohol and drugs.

Drug use is the third highest health concern in Ottawa county according to a 2017 needs-assessment of community members and community stakeholders. Addressing the issue of substance abuse is done by taking people out of the hazardous environments they often find themselves in: social influences that promote substance abuse, jail or prison, or experiencing homelessness. With a new social circle established, a living environment free of drug use, and connections to mutual aid groups and outpatient therapy, our residents can enjoy the freedom of living  a normal life, while being immersed in a culture of accountability and support.

By keeping up with the latest research and using community-led initiatives, we serve our residents in the most effective way we can, and realize that failure is often on the path toward success. That’s why our residents can stay as long as they want, provided they pay the program fee and follow house rules, and why we often readmit residents who have been in the program before but have left for one reason or another.

Our Data

In a survey of 25 residents in October 2020, 67% of residents strongly agreed that Building Men for Life has improved their life, and 88% have reported that they have an adequate amount of community resources to assist them in their recovery journey.

While Sober Living Homes are a relatively new way to treat those struggling with addiction, there is evidence to show that living in a Sober Living Home provides people with the right tools to help them manage their substance use disorder.