Many times in early recovery, we find that we have burned all of our bridges with the devastating effects of addiction and bad choices. We find that we have no safe place to go that is free of drugs or alcohol after we start treatment, and all our friends and old support systems are unhealthy for us. Now that we are ready to start the journey of recovery, we need help with using the tools that we have been learning to stay sober, we need a safe sober place to live, and a new support network of friends.

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Program Rules and Operations: Program rules and operations

As recognized members of the National Alliance of Recovery Residences, Building Men for Life, Inc., offers Certified Recovery Coaching and Safe Recovery Residence filled with peer support, with like minded people, walking the same journey.


Our purpose is to glorify God in reflecting His grace to us, to others.

We come alongside men who are struggling with addiction, or are re-entering the community after being incarcerated, living in the mission, or completing a drug rehab program. We provide them safe and sober housing with a family environment to encourage them in their efforts to better their lives.

We believe everyone deserves second chances in life. The men come from all walks of life, and not all of them have been blessed with stable homes and the knowledge of Jesus Christ. We believe, given the right tools, all men can learn to use the gifts God has given them to their fullest potential.

We encourage each man to look outside himself to help a brother in need. We encourage men to serve in our fundraising efforts, become sponsors or mentors to new residents, and volunteer in the local community. Each man has his own gifts to share to build a loving community.